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Welcome to the RO Art Challenge post! Please visit the rules and FAQ page for detailed info if you want to submit your artwork to the blog! 

This originated as a challenge between friends to get ourselves to draw different things more often, while still allowing us to draw for what we loved, but we decided to share it with other RO artists that might be interested! 

Do you need to do one picture a day and be done in 30 days? Not at all! We understand art takes time and procrastination and laziness kick in. 

Have fun, everyone! Go ahead and submit to us here when you’re ready! And feel free to hit up the ask box if there’s anything you need to know that isn’t answered by the FAQ and rules! 

I’ll do it!… Someday.







Aaawww recuerdos!


;o; Pronteraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Nooo csmre recuerdos x 10000

puta, weas como esta hace que me den ganas de jugar de nuevo XD… pero ya lo desintale, que paaajaaa


Por qué mi dash me hace esta wea cuando ya estoy metida en otro MMORPG ;_;

(Source: callmemarsh / jazz-romeo-lucas-bale-a)

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